Bailey is Back

Round two with these guys was just as much fun as round one. Bailey has grown into a miniature version of her parents – beautiful, hilarious and super-fun to hang with for an afternoon. Sometimes I wish I could just bottle these years up and preserve them forever. I hope to keep on coming back year after year.


Barn HDR

Barn in HDR

Part of my recent drive through the area farms & fields. Three different images, taken at different exposures and combined to form one HDR image.


Farms & Fields

Drive east of Boulder and you hit farmland pretty quickly. When the crops aren’t growing, the tilled fields just roll on and on in these oddly-geometric, perfectly-groomed swaths of dirt. It’s never as organic and earthy as I imagine a farm to be.

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Fate Brewing Company

Fate Brewing Company

Some pics from this weekend’s soft opening of Fate Brewing Company in Boulder. Great atmosphere, tasty food and lots and lots of hand-crafted brews, all put together by a crazy talented group of people. You will probably find us here for the majority of weekends to come.


Two More For the Zoo

As promised in my previous post, The Zoo, here are a couple of additions to my growing zoo album. Credit to my sister, Erica, for snapping the gorilla shot… right when everyone else was running in fear.


More Miles

I can’t resist posting just a few more photos of my favorite in-house model. Every one of these makes me laugh for different reasons.


Belated Fall Photos

Sometimes out here in Colorado, if you blink, you can miss Fall altogether. We visited a local farm late last year with some friends, just to get the kids outside and get in the spirit of the changing seasons.

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