Bailey is Back

Round two with these guys was just as much fun as round one. Bailey has grown into a miniature version of her parents – beautiful, hilarious and super-fun to hang with for an afternoon. Sometimes I wish I could just bottle these years up and preserve them forever. I hope to keep on coming back year after year.


Barn HDR

Barn in HDR

Part of my recent drive through the area farms & fields. Three different images, taken at different exposures and combined to form one HDR image.


Farms & Fields

Drive east of Boulder and you hit farmland pretty quickly. When the crops aren’t growing, the tilled fields just roll on and on in these oddly-geometric, perfectly-groomed swaths of dirt. It’s never as organic and earthy as I imagine a farm to be.

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Fate Brewing Company

Fate Brewing Company

Some pics from this weekend’s soft opening of Fate Brewing Company in Boulder. Great atmosphere, tasty food and lots and lots of hand-crafted brews, all put together by a crazy talented group of people. You will probably find us here for the majority of weekends to come.