“Travis was exceptional! He was enjoyable to work with from initial planning to final delivery and the photos are amazing! We couldn’t have been happier!”

~Dan McGrath

Birdsong & Almasy Workshop

Spent a few hours with the super-awesomely talented duo Birdsong Photography and Anne Almasy. Anne introduced us to freelensing, hopefully a new technique for the arsenal (as long as I manage to not drop any lenses). Brett revealed some of his tricks for working with couples including how to make them laugh, non-stop, for 3 hours. It was a good day.

Bailey is Back

Round two with these guys was just as much fun as round one. Bailey has grown into a miniature version of her parents – beautiful, hilarious and super-fun to hang with for an afternoon. Sometimes I wish I could just bottle these years up and preserve them forever. I hope to keep on coming back year after year.


Barn in HDR

Part of my recent drive through the area farms & fields. Three different images, taken at different exposures and combined to form one HDR image.

Farms & Fields

Drive east of Boulder and you hit farmland pretty quickly. When the crops aren’t growing, the tilled fields just roll on and on in these oddly-geometric, perfectly-groomed swaths of dirt. It’s never as organic and earthy as I imagine a farm to be.

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Fate Brewing Company

Some pics from this weekend’s soft opening of Fate Brewing Company in Boulder. Great atmosphere, tasty food and lots and lots of hand-crafted brews, all put together by a crazy talented group of people. You will probably find us here for the majority of weekends to come.

Two More For the Zoo

As promised in my previous post, The Zoo, here are a couple of additions to my growing zoo album. Credit to my sister, Erica, for snapping the gorilla shot… right when everyone else was running in fear.

More Miles

I can’t resist posting just a few more photos of my favorite in-house model. Every one of these makes me laugh for different reasons.

Belated Fall Photos

Sometimes out here in Colorado, if you blink, you can miss Fall altogether. We visited a local farm late last year with some friends, just to get the kids outside and get in the spirit of the changing seasons.

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Geeking Out with New Toys

5D Mark IIIChristmas came a little early this year for me… actually, according to my wife, this Christmas and the next 4, and maybe my next few birthdays. After months and months of hemming and hawing over the cost/benefits of a camera upgrade, I jumped on a Black Friday deal and bought myself the new Canon 5D Mark III, along with a new kit lens, the 24-105mm f/4.0.

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My cousin, Aiden, jumping off of a pier up in Rockland, Maine.


Monhegan Island in HDR

I took this shot on Monhegan Island in Maine, during a trip we took there over the summer. It was an unplanned HDR shot, so I didn’t have a tripod. I’ve been trying to use HDR to just pull detail into my shots where it sometimes gets blown out or lost in shadow. What I’m trying to avoid is making the photo TOO surreal. Not sure if I’ve achieved that here or not…


Jennie & Casey Wedding Preview

I have been crazy bogged down with processing photos and realized I haven’t posted even a preview of what is to soon to come. Here is one of the cooler, simpler shots from the wedding of Jennie & Casey in the beginning of October. In short, great fun was had by all and the day was full of friends, family and love. More details and photos to come…

“Such a privilege to have Travis shoot the first precious moments with our baby! The relaxed approach was perfect. Timeless work by an exceptional talent. We’ll be scheduling our next photo shoot very soon.”

~David Bartle

My Workflow

I’ve had several people ask me about my workflow and processing, so I thought I’d write a post about it. Also, In the interest of client education, I thought it might be helpful to describe how much work goes into photography behind the scenes.

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“I have really admired Travis’ work from previous photography shows. I contacted him to shoot some pics to promote my yoga practice. Having much faith in him as a person as well as his outstanding work, I was not the least bit underwhelmed. He is a true professional with a gift for the artistic eye. Every shot he took was artistically thought through and showcased the subject and his talents.”

~Justin Gray

Butterfly Kisses

I was the volunteer photographer for a cancer fundraiser called Butterfly Kisses, held at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, CO. I was only able to stay for an hour or so, but still snapped a few photos worth posting. The photography package I donated to the auction was won by a family in Commerce City, so keep an eye out for their photos later this year.


My friend’s adorable little daughter, Gwen.

Rope Cans

This year, at the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo, I spotted these beautifully personalized rope cans, used to transport a cowboy’s rope*. I thought this might make for a really great, more extended photo project in the future. I love taking pictures of old, tough things.


*I initially used the word “lasso” here, but then learned from Wikipedia that this term will quickly identify you as a layman in the rodeo world.


The Saddest Knight

Defending the kingdom can be demanding on a five-year-old boy.



Two different promotional postcards I recently had printed. Credit to my sister, Erica, for her help with the design.

“Working with Travis was a natural and inviting experience for us – our twin babies were just 3 weeks old and we wanted to capture their newborn glory. His observant eye, coupled with a gentleness to us all, reflects clearly in the photos he shot. There’s a special connection that surfaces in his photos between the subject and the camera, and we were awed by the expression that came forth in his work. We look forward to working with him again!”

~Kristina Olsen

“Travis took our engagement photos. Before scheduling our shoot, he took the time to get to know us as a couple. He soon realized, we too were creative people. He encouraged us to think of a creative location that capture our personality. He was on time, very comfortable to work with, and did a phenomenal job. We couldn’t be more happier with our colorful creative photos! 3 Thumbs Up!”

~Susan Llanes


Black & White

More black and white practice with my two favorite live-in models.

Brooks’ Hat

My cousin knit Miles this hat and we haven’t taken it off of him since.

Tying the Knot

One more from the wedding a couple of weeks ago.


Dowdy Draw & So. Sun

We took our first hike with the baby this weekend, which we celebrated by drinking some delicious beers at Southern Sun. Along for the adventure: our friends Kim and Keith and their daughter, Abigail, who is just a couple weeks older than Miles.

Camo Pants

I don’t know what’s cooler than Miles in camo pants and no shirt. He’s like a mini Chuck Norris.

The Zoo

We took a trip down to the Denver Zoo earlier this Fall, both because I had never been and because we were trying to keep ourselves occupied while waiting for our overdue baby to arrive. It’s a fun photographic challenge to go to places that are mobbed with camera-weilding tourists. The gorilla beats his chest and you see dozens of cameras come out taking almost the exact same picture, so trying to frame a unique shot or find a new angle that nobody else is thinking of can be tough. I came back with a few I liked and will definitely be back with more the next time we visit.

Experiments in HDR

One of the recent trends in photography is called HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging. You begin by taking three (or more) pictures of exactly the same scene, but at varying levels of exposure.

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Walking Coot Lake

My favorite shot from the Coot Lake series. I was trying to line up the top of the wall with the shadows on the back wall and ground. I thought it was cool that it worked, considering the shadows were on two different planes.


Alex’s Shot

This is a supplement to the last post, A Younger Perspective. Of the hundreds of pictures taken, there was one, taken by my oldest cousin, Alex, that completely floored me. I would not have thought to take this picture in the first place, which is what makes me appreciate it so much. For those of you wondering what it is exactly, it is a piece of birch bark, uncurling off of the trunk, captured with the lens wide open, in some fantastic, bokeh-fied light. Next step: print it on a huge canvas and hang it on my wall.

A Younger Perspective

On my trip up to the lake, I lent my camera to a few of my younger cousins, Alex, Nico and Ella. As it turns out, they all have an amazing talent for photography. I’m not sure if it was their unprejudiced eye for the world around them or just raw creativity, but either way, they took some incredibly unique shots. Thanks to them for inspiring me to see things from a different perspective.

Upslope Brewery

A few from our bike ride up to the Upslope Tap Room in North Boulder. Also a chance for me to continue tweaking my black & white processing techniques. I think these ones worked out pretty well.


Just a great candid of my mom-in-law during one of her recent visits to Boulder.

San Francisco & The Bulb

This shot was one of my favorites from my visit to San Francisco. This couple and their little girl were sitting in an underpass in Golden Gate Park, dressed for some kind of event and singing beautifully in a foreign language. They didn’t seem to be homeless and weren’t asking for any money. I think they were just taking advantage of the acoustics.


Birthday in the Park

First birthday celebration for little Chloe in Central Park in Boulder.

“Hack away at the unessential.”


~Bruce Lee

Frank & Jules

Grabbed a few margaritas and had some story time with my friend Frank and his adorable boy, Jules.

Little Jack

Our friends Bill and Rebecca just recently welcomed this adorable little guy into the world. There will undoubtedly be more of these to come.

Perfect Saturday

Bike ride to the farmer’s market. Picnic lunch and music at the park. Barbecue, beer and hand-churned ice cream with friends. Amazing.

Basalt with Natty

Visited some family for the weekend in Basalt, Colorado and hung out with this adorable little pup.

Bobcat Trail Snowshoe

It has been snowing like crazy here, so when our friend Steph came into town, we figured a good ‘ole snowshoe was in order. Despite a a few wrong turns, it worked out to be an incredible day. Maybe we should get Pat to draw us a map next time.

Stock Show

We recently made our way down to the National Western Stock Show in Denver. I didn’t manage to take a whole lot of pictures before my battery died on me. Luckily there were some delicious corn dogs and entertaining people-watching to keep me otherwise occupied.

Boys’ Christmas

I think I forget how magical Christmas can seem to a little kid. It was so much fun to relive it through the eyes of my little nephews this year.


So I’ve been checking out a bunch of the Tilt-Shift photos on Flickr and am fascinated by the effect. Seems you can either spend a couple of thousand dollars on an actual tilt-shift lens, buy a Lens Baby for $250 and try to figure out how to use it, or attempt to reproduce the effect in Photoshop. I have been attempting the least expensive option.

Dome Fire

This small, 150-acre fire burned up in the Boulder foothills over the weekend and forced 1800 people out of their homes. Thankfully, the wildfire crews were able to contain it before it did any structural damage. I just happened to be driving through town and took a few shots of the surrounding, less dramatic activity. I half wished I was up on the hill getting a view of the action. The other half of me was happy to be where I was.

Turkey in Little Rock

Had my first go at a southern Thanksgiving this year down in Little Rock (& Memphis). Managed to get a few shots off in between my turkey sandwich-induced naps. Working on isolating color schemes I like during my post-processing work. Still hoping to find a reliable black and white conversion technique.

Shelf Rock Road

On one of our trips down to Shelf, I went down in the morning by myself to secure a camping spot. I sat in a camp chair, reading my book, for almost the whole day. I was resting my feet on this stump.


“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”


~Henry David Thoreau

Honeymoon Happy Hour

Taken with my iPhone. Edited in Photoshop.

Tommy’s Rock

Anybody who knows Upper Saranac Lake, knows where Tommy’s Rock is. This one’s of my cousin Nico. Sure, it’s not exactly a cliff dive, but it it feels damn good on a hot summer day. This was my first attempt at combining multiple action shots into one frame. I’m sure there’s some sort of technical name for this technique – I just don’t know what it’s called. The middle frame is my favorite.



I love this shot. Kayaking on Upper Saranac Lake.


Benny’s Breck B-Day

My friend Ben had his birthday up at this great cabin in Breckenridge. It was a perfect spot to unwind. We ate, we drank, some of us hiked, some of us biked, and all of us helped the big guy celebrate another year.


A Statue in Paris

My sister and her husband recently relocated to London and it didn’t take much to convince us to come visit. On a whim we took the train over to Paris for a couple of days and I could not have been more inspired. Such an incredible city. I had to dig deep to pull out some of my high school French. This picture was from a fountain just outside the Louvre courtyard. The light was cooperating wonderfully that day. It was one of my first really big trips with my new camera and I feel like I put it to some good use. Thankfully, my fellow travelers were patient with me.


Christmas in NYC

Spent the holidays in a tiny old apartment right off of central park. Some of the first real experimentation time with the new camera – realizing I have a long ways to go.

Zum Zum

Zum Zum is the name of our 13-foot Boston Whaler that we’ve had for 30-some-odd years up in the Adirondacks. It’s named after my Grandmother, whose nickname was Muzzie.